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Ureilite - NWA 1241 contains the extremely rare mineral Suessite! type 2 - Ureilite (such as Hajmah (a), Dingo Pup Donga, or Dyalpur) Classification and mineralogy: (F.Wlotzka, MPI, and M. Kurz, Germany) TkW: 282g covered with fresh fusion crust. Olivine and pigeonite grains (up to 1mm) are set in a pavement texture of smaller olivines containing finely dispersed metal grains. Intermediate (type 2 - medium reduced! ) FeO/MgO ratio in olivine cores: Olivine has Fo 80-83 in the cores (with 0.7 -1.7% Cr2O3, 0.2-0.6% CaO). Pigeonite has Fs 4-22, Wo 4-15, En 74-87, and 0.6-1.2% Cr2O3. Carbonaceous matrix is rare, graphite occurs in fine-grained patches. Coarser white reflecting grains are Suessite, (Fe,Ni)3Si, with 13% Si, 2.5% Ni (range 1-4%), 1.1% Cr. This rare mineral is abundant in NWA 1241and occurs as blocky grains or interstial vein-like forms. No kamacite and no troilite were found.

The mineralogy of NWA 1241 suggests that it was formed at extreme pressures of appr. 100 bars and equilibration temperatures of more than 1200C!

Specimens: Main mass with anonymous finder, type specimen: 20.5g MPI. References: Matthias Kurz, Dr. Frank Wlotzka, Abteilung Kosmochemie, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Chemie Postfach 3060, D-55020 Mainz You are buying a representative sample of this rare meteorite. The rock comes with certificate. The size of the material depends on the size option you choose. (image above and/or below is just a sample image - Actual sample you receive will look different.If you like a photo first kindly email to us)! Copyright 2009 [Erich Haiderer,]. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

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